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The Graptolite Atlas currently contains 2 folios of 100 graptolite drawings each; consisting of holotypes, lectotypes, syntypes and neotypes of a variety of graptolite species. This multi- authored publication aims to provide graptolite workers around the world with illustrations and descriptions of type specimens using standard magnifications (e.g. x10 or x5) and essential measurements.


The Atlas is an international co-operative enterprise and will be published online when material for 100 species has been recieved and edited. The editors would therefore invite contributions from workers world-wide and it should be prepared in the style of the present contributions and submitted via the contact us page.


In order to reference the folio use the following:

Zalasiewicz, J.A., Rushton, A.W.A., Hutt, J.E. and Howe, M. (editors) 2000 Atlas of Graptolite Type Specimens, Folio 1


To reference an individual drawing/ contributor e.g.:

Contributor 2000 Graptolite species (Original Author) Atlas of Graptolite Type Specimens, Folio 1

Index of species within Folio 1 and 2

Folio 1 Folio 2



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